Wednesday, May 16, 2007


A couple of weeks ago, Maggi was moved to a burn center so they could aggresively fight against infection and give her the specialized treatment she needs. Here is the latest update written by her husband on Mother's Day:

"Happy Mother's Day to all of you great moms! Mag & I have been enjoying her day at the hospital - all of the kids came up to wish Mag a great day. Aimee, Mag's younger sister, created a great digital picture frame set, which shows a continuous slide show of pictures of the boys, family, our dogs, etc. This really brought a smile to Mag's face.

Mag's strength is a bit better today. She is on a "normal" diet, trying to start to eat again like before. Not a lot of food taste really good to her, but she is trying...she had 1/2 a turkey sandwich for lunch today, she is making good progress. I anticipate in a couple days they will completely take her off of her feeding tube (they just have this on a bit at night time to supplement her feedings...)

She anticipates some agressive PT & OT work starting tomorrow - she is ready for this, her goal is to get out of the hospital and back home with her family.

Please keep Maggi in your prayers especially come Wednesday - we are having her first surgery on her legs and feet - possible skin grafs will be completed during this time. Also, the Doctor's will look closer into her wounds on her legs/feet to determine the severity of things...we are hopeful for her full recovery. She still has pulses in the top of her feet so our prayers continue to work. Her toes are pretty dark so I continue to ask God to touch her with comfort and healing here."

Continuing to praise God for Maggi's life and praying for her continued recovery!
For original post about Maggi and her condition: . Other updates follow later in the April archives of this blog.

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