Monday, May 14, 2007


Rarely is a day totally awful or completely great. There seems to always be this mixture, sometimes strangely so, of the good and the bad. And I don't think I'm the only one that can be weeping over something tragic and find myself 10 or 15 minutes later laughing (sometimes guiltily) about something absurdly comical. Today this was brought to mind...

To everything there is a season under Heaven. Ecclesiastes 3

A time to be born...the children are so excited about the four litters of kittens we have on our farm.

A time to plant... we've finished putting in our garden today.

A time to kill...all those troublesome weeds that spring up so quickly.

A time to weep...when I read a post by author Lisa Samson on the Five in a Row boards that 38% of the population in my beloved Swaziland has HIV.

A time to mourn...we've just learned that a dear relative is fighting cancer.

A time to embrace... I held my sweet toddler close today and revelled in how much I love her.

A time to sons built a robot rabbit out of D's K'nex set

A time to laugh...Toddler M found my animal voices during read aloud at lunchtime to be very amusing.

A time to search...for the ladybug LG put on our largest tomato plant to eat the aphids.

A time to be silent...the phones are turned off and the older ones are working on lessons so the little ones AND Mommy can get get naps this afternoon.

A time to this case, through the internet, to my mommy pals scattered across the world---sending them emails and posts filled with news, encouragement, smiles, and affection.

A time to love...trying to be especially gentle with one child who had an emotionally rough weekend

A time to hate...hating the diseases that are ruining so many lives, stealing so many parents away from their children, destroying the innocence of the young.

A time for war...remembering our soldiers overseas and especially my FIAR friend Paige's husband Matt

A time for peace...praying that God will make His presence known to those living in darkness and turmoil; that His healing will come to broken bodies and broken hearts; that ALL would turn to Him and His amazing grace so they can experience the PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING.

I'm thanking my Father right now that He is with me during all the seasons of life.

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Drewe Llyn said...

I love the way you applied this verse!

Thanks again for my balloon!