Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Filling out my blog profile, I took a bit of journey down Memory Lane. As I was listing my favorites for music, I was brought to mind so many songs that cause me to remember a specific time, place or person in my life.

John Denver's songs bring to mind my life as a child on our family farm in Crystal Springs. My childhood was one of loving security and adventures as my parents supplied us with plenty of animals, wood for building treehouses, and stories to spark my brother's and my imagination.

The GoGos remind me of my highschool many fun and zany times yet so many days filled with angst and downright sadness as well. But the GoGos (and XANADU's soundtrack) represent the good days....memories of my best pals at O.S.H.S. (Beth, Paige, Terri, Donna, Kelley G, Gretta, and many others) along with my First Baptist Gautier gang who every weekend helped me escape the pressures of school and let me be a flirty GOOF!

And how could I think of 1st Baptist Gautier without remembering these songs? "Friends are Friends Forever", "In This Very Room", "Sail On", and "We shall all be changed".

The Beach Boys bring back memories of driving to Starkville with my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Deidra and those first days of falling for my husband.

"Dancing in the Moonlight" was playing as my then future husband pulled the car over on an I-10 onramp so we could dance in the moonlight while my college roomie Darla looked on.

Tierce Green's simple but profound songs make me think of college days at the Baptist Student Union and Fairview Baptist Church. Those were years that God started growing me up spiritually and giving me a vision for my life.

Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" will always be associated with all those college girls that I had SO much fun with at The W back in the 80's. How rich and full was our life as we studied, cried, flirted, pledged, shopped, sang, dreamed, prayed, ate, roadtripped, joked, rushed, hugged, danced, shared, complained, borrowed, primped, teased, overslept, laughed and snorted together (even burped, sometimes!).

Tom Howard's beautiful piano music reminds me of my missionary years in Africa...lush green velds, smiling children, growing in God, the other missionaries, the friendly Swazi people, roadtrips to Jo'burg, traveling to Kruger, and my international cast of friends.

"How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" will ALWAYS remind me of how sweet my husband's unconditional love is and how very blessed I am by knowing him.

And just hearing certain children's songs (such as the Blue's Clues themes song or Donut Man ditties) bring to mind the precious smiles of my children and their baby days. What a tremendous gift they are.

I could spend all day traveling down my musical Memory Lane, but if I do, I'll miss the chance to go make some NEW memories...memories that I'll never have the chance to make again. So I'll close for now and go grab life!!!

May your day be filled with music and grace---

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I have enjoyed reading other's blogs so much (especially Merry K's, Drewe Llyn's, Dawn B's, and my 2nd daughter's best friends blog) that I finally have been inspired to start blogging. Actually, I kept wanting to post on Merry K's BETH SPERA IN DOMINO and being frustrated when I couldn't ask her questions or make comments so this finally motivated me enough to just do it! Also, my 2nd dd has wanted to blog for a long time but we hesitated letting her for all those reasons we paranoid parents come up with. Now I can let her write away on my blog.

We also have bajillions of friends and family scattered all over the planet and though I try my darnedest to keep in touch, I don't always do as well as I would like. Hopefully, this will keep my dear ones a little bit better informed on what's going on in the home of this wacky but loving homeschool family.

And in case you're wondering about the name of my blog, let's just say that I'm awfully glad that its GOD's GOODNESS that counts and not mine. I'm learning to dwell in Graceland and I'm not talking about the one with the pink cadillac parked out front!

Thanks for reading my debut attempt at blogging. Look forward to sharing my life with you...and having another opportunity to work on self-discipline (in this case, not spending too much time in front of my pc screen).