Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Last night I had a date with my true love. No it wasn't our anniversary. It wasn't my birthday. It wasn't to celebrate anything in particular...just a chance to spend some time alone together...and that enough is reason to celebrate!

After fixing the offspring a super kid-friendly meal of mac & cheese, we were off to the Alltel store to upgrade to new phones---flip phones--- and a new plan! WHOO-HOO! As a surprise for our 2 oldest daughters we got a third line and now they have a phone to share and aren't, in their words, the "only kids who don't have a cellphone".

Then we went for supper at one of my favorite eateries, McAlister's Deli. As we munched on their HUGE chili nachos (his) and their new open face chicken cordon bleu sandwich (mine) we did the social "DON'T" of playing with our cellphones. Yep, these 2 middle aged fogies were having a kick figuring out ringtones, graphics, etc. Don't worry...it wasn't crowded and so we weren't TOO very rude. ;)

Afterwards, we just enjoyed doing a little shopping at Wal-Mart where we got a few chuckles over Mother's Day cards.

WARNING: Chris, if you're reading this, your Mother's Day cards were chosen with the most sentimental emotions imaginable...REALLY!

Okay...so here comes the really mushy part...even cellphone upgrading, figuring out new cellphones, and Wal-Marting is great when its shared with the one I love. And I do love my man!

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