Thursday, May 03, 2007


Sons D & P toured the Mississippi Braves Trustmark Baseball Park today with our homeschool group. Below are pictures from the event and their impressions of the day.

D & P survey the Mississippi Braves home field.
Another stadium shot.
The underground tunnel that P found so cool.

[Interview done by my oldest daughter who is an aspiring journalist.]

What was your highlight of the day?:

P.'s answer: My favorite thing was when we went underground.

D.'s answer: Being in the locker room.

What did they feed you, & what did you think of it?:

P.'s answer: They fed me hot dogs, & I got Coke to drink. And then I had Oreos.

D.'s answer: They fed me Oreos, Coke-a-cola & chips & hot dogs . It was good.

What did you learn?:

P.s answer: I learned how they run through the tube, except I didn't know why they run through the tube. And I learned that if you wanted to get their autographs you had to go down to the place where they threw the ball & hit it. The batting range.

D.'s answer: I learned how the dug-outs look, how like, um, it showed what the baseball players did in the locker room.

Is there anything else you want people to know about your day at the ball park?:

P.'s answer: Um, there's one thing. When we went up on this concrete thing I thought we were going to fall down & hit the ground. That's it.

D.'s answer: Um, no. Oh! It was really cool when they showed us the freezer.

When asked if they would recommend this tour for others:

P's answer: Yes, I would because its fun, there is new stuff that you never knew before, and there's this place where [its] the only place to get autographs."

D's answer: They should go because in the locker room it shows how they do when they are not working. They have video games, cards, cable TV. I got to find out what its like in a baseball team locker room. That's something you only get to see on tours."



On this THANKFUL THURSDAY, I'd like to say thanks to all the moms in our homeschool group who have blessed me in so many ways over the years...especially helping with transportation to make life so much easier for this mom of many. Rides to teen book club, skating, various field trips, and other events have meant that my older kids could be more actively involved so that my little ones could stay at home with Girlie Mom...either for financial reasons or for scheduling reasons (such as much needed naps, their's and Mom's!). This has blessed our family in amazing ways and so I say thanks to both my mommy pals and my mighty God from whom ALL blessings flow!


eph2810 said...

Elysa - I can't even imagine raising seven children. How great that you have a 'supporting cast' of other moms....

Be blessed today and always.

Elysa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and you're right...I do have a wonderful "supporting cast" of other moms who help out so much. I've also been blessed thru the years by lots of singles, teens, and even other people's older children who find it fun to help out with the little ones. This has been especially appreciated as we live near no family members.

One thing that my husband and I hope to do once our kids leave home is not only be very active and supportive grandparents, but to be actively supporting young families who need those substitute grandparents to step in and babysit for free, provide meals when a mom is sick, help out with homeschooling and field trips, and stay involved in children's/preschool ministry.

With much gratitude,