Friday, May 04, 2007


As a mom of teenage and pre-teen daughters, I'm constantly on the outlook for things that we can do together to keep the relationships open AND fun! (Yes, we DO like FUN around here!) One thing that all three of us enjoy is goofing off on the internet. And when we find something that the three of us like to do, we sieze the opportunity. This time its MEEZ characters. Its an online free service that allows us to create our own online characters. They can be as fantastically imaginative or as close-to-reality as we want to make them. (Warning, some options are a bit, er, um....well...rude.)
Above is my Graceland personna. Granted, she's not quite as curvaceous as moi, but for a cartoon gal, she's a fairly close facsimile. Though poor thing, her eyelashes aren't NEARLYas long and lush as mine nor is her hair quite as BIG. ;)
So from Graceland, this princess of the TRUE King of Kings sends greetings of amazing grace and endless mercy! Ta for now!!!!

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