Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unknown Sea Creature Filmed Off Florida Coast!

If your kids ever complain that there is nothing new left to discover in this world, then show them this video. An underwater videographer for National Geographic and The Discovery Channel, Jay Garbose, has filmed a 7 to 10 feet long mystery creature that even Smithsonian scientists are unable to identify. Wonders never cease!

As for my kids, here are their varying reactions---

3 year old T: "It looks like throw up."

5 year old L: "It looks like a gummy worm or a sea monster. Its also like on DIEGO [DORA THE EXPLORER's cousin for those of you not in the kiddie show know]."

8 year old P: "Its gross and wierd. I want it as a pet. Can I have it as a pet, Mommy, please?"

10 year old D: "Maybe it looks like an eel of some sort."

13 year old A: "Eww, Eww, E-W-W-W-W! Its horrific! It makes me sick!!!"

Out of all the Graceland minors, 11 year old B was the most fascinated. While watching the video, she reacted with: "I wonder if it is like an eel and will electrocute or if it is poisonous? I wonder what it eats? I wonder what he [the man who discovered it] will name it and if he will capture it?"

For more details, follow this link .

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water......

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