Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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I think its rather fitting that since I often refer to my little corner of the world as Graceland, that one of my children would have some things in common with The King...you know, ELVIS, the King of Rock and Roll!

First of all, 3 year old T and the King were born in the same, great state.

Second, the women (both young and old...plus those in between) LOVE and even SWOON over both of them.

Third, they both have a strange affection for peanut butter combined with unusual ingredients. For the past couple of months, T has wanted HAM and peanut butter sandwiches. Today, it was MAYONAISE and peanut butter on his sandwich. At first I balked, but then I thought, if unusual peanut butter sandwiches were good enough for The King of Rock and Roll, then why shouldn't they be good enough for MY little King of Hearts.

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