Monday, November 11, 2013


Monday was paying the deposit on our Swazi home...

Paid the deposit on our new home in Swaziland.  Very thankful --- and excited --- about the Lord's provision. #PraiseGod #thankful #journeytolivinginswaziland #vjrrealestate #manzini #swaziland #swazilandtripnovember2012

...prayer walking through our new neighborhood (that's our house across the way)...

Another shot of our house.  Ours is the one-story part.  You see the guest flat stretching to the left and the main house to the right. #ournewswazihome #journeytolivinginswaziland #blessed #manzini #swaziland #swazilandtripnovember2012

...doing the finishing paperwork on our new built-for-African-roads vehicle (just pray for the money to come from our Stateside bank now) ...

First time getting behind the wheel of our Toyoto Fortuner.  Oh the adventures God will take us on in this beauty.  Now to just trust Him to work out the financial details.  Our stateside bank hasn't released the funds yet.  Please pray for it to happen s
We got wheels, and we know how to use them. Well, we'll get to use them once we finish up the buying process. Praying for favor from our bank! #toyoto #fortuner #journeytolivinginswaziland #preparingformovingtoafrica #prayerrequest #leitestoyoto #swazilan

...taking friends home to their rural home...

This is why we are buying a tough vehicle. #africanroads #swazilandtripnovember2013 #swaziland #countryroads #maliyaduma #thisisafrica

...passing out sweets to neighborhood children who are used to Dudley coming to visit...

Sweets for the sweets. #swazikids #bundledup #cooltemps #rainyseason #cloudyskies #rainyday #swazisummer #swaziland #swazilandtripnovember2013

...and then Mama Mac's Miracle Potato Soup for supper. It was a hit with both the Americans and the Swazis. I tell you, this stuff is amazing.

Happiness is...  ...yummy soup on a cool, rainy day and a sweet, Swazi friend.  #mamamacsmiraclepotatosoup #swazismile #halfswazi #halfamerican #blessed #swazilandtripnovember2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Today was definitely a highlight of our trip thus far. Not only did we get to attend worship service at a rural church, which is a great blessing in itself, but I got to hold one of my favorite five year olds almost the entire service. Little Programme definitely has snatched a chunk of my heart and getting to spend time with her and the family who takes care of her is a gift indeed.

One of my favorite kids ever. #sundaymorning #goingtochurch #maliyadumazionistchurch #swaziland #ilovethisgirl #blessed #jesuslovesthelittlechildren #swazilandtripnovember2013

The service lasted 3 to 4 hours but didn't feel that long at all. We were able to do a lot of visiting afterwards and walked to a nearby homestead afterward.

Here are photos from our Sunday:

This is my kind of welcome.  Hello Swaziland Sunday! #maliyadumazionistchurch #sundaymorning #goingtochurch #zionist #swaziboys #bobhuti #swazilandtripnovember2013 #thisisafrica
Giving of offerings, some of which is going to build a carepoint for ministering to the local orphans. #maliyadumazionistchurch #carepoint #offering #sundayafternoon #churchservice #swaziland #lovelookslikesomething #swazilandtripnovember2013
Peace out! #maliyadumazionistchurch #swazismiles #blessed #happinessis #swazikids #swazilandtripnovember2012 #sohappytogether
Blessed is the man who walks with a Godly companion. #brothersinchrist #walkinginthelightofgod #swaziland #maliyaduma #swazilandtripnovember2012 #siyahamba

Oh! And must include this last shot, a photo of our popcorn and movie night. A relaxing way to end the day.

The teenagers are on Facebook, the grown ups are watching Courageous, and we are all eating some of my world famous popcorn. #moviesandpopcorn #courageousthemovie #swazilandtripnovember2012

Saturday, November 09, 2013


A quick overview of what we did on Saturday. After going to see the potential house again on Friday morning as well as another one in Madonsa that afternoon, we went this morning to buy some furnishings for our future home. An American family, the Taylors, are leaving Swaziland so we were able to buy many practical items such as two twin beds, a kettle, silverware, an indoor clothesline, a gas cooker for when we don't have electricity, a crockpot, and even clothes hangers. We also bought some fun items such as two bikes for the kids.

In the afternoon, we accompanied Dudley Donaldson to go to the Pick-N-Pay where he bought food for some families needing food. While there, Jim and I continued to price items that our family regularly uses and looked over options available here. Many things are cheaper (such as fruit and veggies), some are the same (meat seems to run about the same), and some things are more (such as cheese).

Jim helps Dudley get the food for the hungry families. #picknpay #lovelookslikesomething #loveyourneighborasyouloveyourself #amazingmenofgod #jesusfollowers #swazilandtripnovember2013

Get your eggs then buy a bike to take them home.  By the way, those eggs are 60 for $6.   #swazifood #swaziland #picknpay #thehub #juxtaposition #wewillbeeatingalotofeggs #swazilandtripnovember2013

Afterwards, we were able to spend time with the Swazi pastor that Jim will be teaching with at the Zion Bible College and his wife.

This is the Bible teacher who Jim will be teaching with when we move here.  Sangweni and his wife Thembe are a blessing to the ministry of Zion Bible College. #zbc #zionist #zionbiblecollege #manzini #swaziland #swazilandtripnovember2013

For supper, one of the Swazi girls living with the Donaldsons helped me make a cabbage and beef dish that a Swazi had taught me how to make when I lived here back in the 80's. It was fun spending time with her. She was a pro with the knife and cut the cabbage a lot better than I did.

Happy with our finished product. #happyfoodie #swazifriend #swazifood #halfswazi #halfamerican #saturdayevening #swazilandtripnovember2013 #foodiemama #cabbage #eatlocal #localtarian #eatyourveggies

My favorite times in Swaziland definitely involve spending time with beautiful friends, each one precious gifts from the Lord.

Friday, November 08, 2013


Dear praying friends,

Jim and I need you!  As you know, we are in Swaziland to lease a house and buy a vehicle since we are moving here next month.  We are hitting major obstacles with getting the money from our account in America to the bank and car dealership here.  Please pray for this to be taken care of.  But even more than that, pray that we won't worry or stress out but instead trust The Lord.

It adds to the difficulty because we are without our own transportation here.  We did not rent a car this time because our vehicle was waiting on us, deposit already paid, and just waiting on the balance.  We are dependent on our friends to drive us places and they already have very busy schedules.  We do not want to add to that.

Thank you!

Thursday, November 07, 2013


Let the record show that though we left Mississippi on Monday, spent all of Tuesday walking around Frankfurt, flew overnight to Johannesburg, arrived Wednesday morning with only about 6 or 7 hours of sleep in total since Monday, and then we had about a 4 hour drive to Manzini, I have experienced no jet lag.  I have been, in fact, bright eyed and bushy-tailed today, going to sleep last night at the proper time and getting a wonderful night's rest.

Let it also show for the record that this happens every time I come to Swaziland.

And thirdly, let it also show for the record, that the reverse does NOT hold true.  When I return TO the States, it often takes DAYS before I readjust and sometimes I am even downright physically ill.

Obviously, I am created for Swaziland. And if that dissertation isn't enough to prove my point, here are photos from the last day and a half.

And even Jim has known to get bubbly in Africa so you KNOW it is a God thing for sure.

Monday, November 04, 2013


In just a few minutes, Jim and I will be heading to the airport. We've got 4 suitcases and extra carry-ons filled up with clothes, graduation caps, balloons, Mardi Gras bead necklaces, chocolate chips, Twizzlers, and even a tiara. Some of the stuff is for us, some is for missionaries, a lot of it is for precious, beloved, Swazi children. The children that God has called us to serve and love.

Swaziland Elysa with little girls at Fikile's framed

I had written out a whole list of prayer requests for our trip and they have just disappeared.  We are literally going out the door now so let me just make it really simple....


Just whatever comes to mind, whenever, pray! 


Sunday, November 03, 2013


Even though we move to Swaziland in less than two months and will actually be going there tomorrow to lease a house, buy a vehicle, and make other plans, we are still living here in downtown Jackson.  We still have neighbors who knock on our door needing food, we still have people who come and volunteer to help, we still prayer walk in our community, we still help cold homeless folks get a blanket or coat, we still live here.  We still love here.  We still serve here.

Please pray for us over the next two months that we will be able to balance both preparing for our move and also still loving the people here that God has called us to be with.  We want to finish our season in Jackson well. 

One of our fellow missionaries, Levi Gill, recently made this video (with the help of our son David).  It explains what we do at We Will Go.  I hope you enjoy it and I hope it will help you better know how you can pray, not just for us, but for the whole We Will Go family....the missionaries and volunteers who serve here as well as the folks who come here every day needing a variety of things, but ultimately, needing to experience the love of our Father.


On Tuesday, our oldest daughter turns twenty.  Since Jim and I will be in Frankfurt that day en route to Africa and Anna will be in New Orleans, we are celebrating her a few days early.

Tonight, with the help of our missionary neighbors, we threw a birthday party complete with a yummy supper, some dancing, lots of laughter, several gifts, a time to do "give 20 adjectives to describe Anna" as we'll as "20 favorite memories about Anna", and a Star Wars movie to complete the evening.

It wasn't the fanciest of parties, but it was definitely one of the nicest of Saturdays.  But then, how could it be anything less with such a high-quality young woman to honor.

Friday, November 01, 2013


Woo-Hoo! Big THANKSGIVING celebrating going on at the MacFaith House tonight. Betsie and Anna are both home for the weekend. Anna is home to celebrate her 2oth birthday a few days early and Betsie is here, as a surprise, to help us celebrate her sister.

Supper with the big people.  So glad to have my girls home. #fridaynight #lovemygirls #familyfun
Supper with the three oldest and their very proud daddy.
Reunited and it feels so good. #brotherofanothermother #homefromcollege #siblings #bighug
Bersie reunited with her brother-of-another-mother.

Tonight it was supper at a new Asian buffet in Richland followed by grocery shopping at Kroger.  Lots of birthday food needed plus food for the kids and my mom while Jim and I are in Swaziland.  Now its back home for a superhero movie with all the teenagers before this happy and thankful mama gets some much needed sleepy. This weekend is going to be good and full.