Sunday, April 22, 2007


PLEASE PRAY!!!!! Please pray for Maggi, a mom of 4 boys (ages 11 to 1) who I know thru the Five in a Row community. Here's what I've been told thru Charity, another mom we both know:

"Maggi was fine on Thursday morning - she came to see my daughter in a play! Friday morning when she woke up, she thought she had the flu. She stayed in bed all that day. Her husband, John, took her to the hospital at 5am Saturday and she was critical at that point - organs shutting down, very negative prognosis! She had all indications of a form of meningitis, including the swelling of the brain. BUT, up to this point they've been unable to confirm that - no cultures have come back positive, which is puzzling due to the severity of her reaction. So they have no confirmation of exactly what caused this, although her symptoms point to the meningitis. No idea where it came from, though."

Its truly a miracle that she is still alive today. Please pray for her total healing and pray for her husband, sons, and other loved ones who are going thru this trial with her.

For more details, go to these links:

The links are listed chronologically from when the situation first arose to the latest updates.

Photos of Maggi:

Thanks in advance for your prayers.

Here's the link to an update made the afternoon of April 23:

Please continue to pray for Maggi.

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