Friday, May 18, 2007


Latest from Maggi's husband---

May 18, 2007 at 11:59 AM CDT

Joshua 1.9: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."

Maggi & I want to again thank everyone who has been praying and thinking about us during this journey. Please keep the prayers coming.

On Wednesday after Maggi's first surgery, it was determined that her lower legs (mid shin area down) were not able to be saved due to no blood flow occurring in this area. Because of the increased chance of developing new infections and additional complications, Maggi & I, God & our Doctors made the decision for a below the knee amputation of both of her legs.

On Thursday we successfully accomplished this difficult procedure and I am happy to say that today she is doing pretty well and we're hopeful that this is the first step towards recovery and eventually getting Maggi back home with her family.

Maggi & I discussed this difficult "direction" that God required for Maggi to take and although Maggi said she isn't always in agreement with God regarding the directions that he lays out for her, that it isn't her position to question his judegement and direction, and thus because this new direction was coming from God, that she was comfortable and willing to move forward with HIS plans.

When I left her in ICU this morning (they are moving her back to a "normal" Burn Center room this afternoon), she was experiencing a little bit of pain, but all of her main vitals were looking good.

Numerous blessings include:

- Her kidneys appear to be getting a lot better (she may not need anymore dialysis)

- Her mind is as sharp as a tack

- Her arms, and fingers are free of infection and getting stronger

- Her liver is looking fine

- She has no evidence of hearing or vision loss

- Her heart and lungs are strong (like they always have been during this journey)

- Her smile is more & more precious each new day I see her

- Her attitude is one of hope

- Her faith in God is a testament to me (and everyone who knows her)

Moving forward here are some "tentative" next steps, etc. we've been told:

- Once her health and strength improves (and clear of all infections) she'll be moved to a "rehab" floor (probably still at KU Hospital), where she will then start inpatient "rehab" (Doctor thinks in about 2-3 weeks as things continue to improve)

- Unknown is the length of stay she will have in "rehab" while at the hospital (knowing my wife I would bet in the 45-60 day range...)

- Once home, she will then continue "rehab" for a period of time

- Starting from yesterday's surgery, Doctor says approximately 4-6 months until she can be properly fitted for prosthetics (she is really looking forward to this)

So, our journey continues and everyone's comments, prayers and encouragments continue to provide Maggi & I strenth and "peace" during this time. Don't forget that hug today, or tomorrow, or the next day to that someone special of yours! ;)

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