Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Some days it just seems like everywhere I turn I'm surrounded by goodness. I'm not talking about anything that will be made into a Hallmark movie or featured on Oprah Winfrey...just everyday helpfulness and kindness.

Today was one of those days and these people were a part of it:

Cara and Alice at the R. Library. They not only checked our bajillion items out with a smile, but then took the time to chat about books and share a bit of their heart as they discussed ones that had been extra special in their lives.

The owner of the local consignment store. She let me take shoes out to try on my toddler so I didn't even have to get her out of her carseat. If only Wal-Mart could be so trusting!

The cashier at the Kroger grocery store. She was friendly, competent, helpful, and gave free balloons to all my children...even let me take one to a Mommy pal.

Homeschool mom Tina C. Her compliment about me looking pretty today made me feel pretty.

Internet friends. Sweet, thoughtful, and encouraging emails, posts, e-photos, comments, and other blog's postings that do so much to refresh my spirit and keep me connected to the lives of people all around the world.

Candace, one of my 11 year old daughter's best friends. She spent the afternoon with us and as always, was just such a joy to have around. She was a willing help with the wee ones and even pitched in when it came time to shuck the corn for supper.

My 7 older children. They all were so obedient today and did so much to help the household run smoothly...from changing diapers to setting the table plus SO many other things. They were a true blessing to this mom of many today.

My 2 youngest children. Though they made messes and definitely required more work than anyone else in the family, their sweet smiles and loving snuggles sprinkled precious goodness throughout my day.

GOD. Its through Him that all this goodness flows....and so many other truly good things...more than I can even begin to number.

There are days when its harder to see the goodness...when family members are diagnosed with cancer, a preborn baby is lost, a community is ravaged by a hurricane, a ministry relationship is painfully brought to an end. Some days its so easy to only see the bad and it feels like nothing good can ever again be.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. Psalm 23:6

ALL THE DAYS? That's what it says in God's Holy scriptures. Not some of the days, nor even MOST of the days, but ALL of the days. Even when I can't see it, even when I can't feel it, even when I don't BELIEVE it! God is still God and He's still good.

I praise God that when I'm in that dark place, the place so dark I can't see Him with my unbelieving, unfaithful eyes, HE is faithful and keeps pouring out His goodness til I can see the truth once again.

And I praise Him for these light-filled days. I praise Him for these days that are not stormy.

I praise Him for these days when the light of of goodness is so apparent and for at least a little while, can just bask in the goodness of Him...and that goodness that is reflected in the people around me...the people He created and made in His image.


As I was looking for a reference for the scripture I cited in the post above, I came across this lenten reading. It spoke to me and helped me sort through some of what I was feeling tonight. May you be blessed as well:http://www.moytura.com/lent/5thMonday.htm

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