Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Last week got off to a good start thanks to a lovely Mother's Day.

Super Dad had to go on a work related trip for most of the week. The kids and I mostly stayed around the house during the day though we still had B's clogging and prayer time at church.

On Thursday, my mom drove up for a visit. Its always good to spend time with her. This was our first time to see each other since she, my step-dad, and my nephew Cullen came up for his spring break. Mom and I took the kids down to the creek for our evening walk. T and M especially loved the trip because they got a special wagon ride compliments of Grandmommy.

Friday and Saturday, Super Dad, A, and I were at the annual state homeschool conference (see the post down a bit) after he got home on Friday night.

Sunday morning mom left before we headed out to church. That afternoon, A had a new church friend come and spend the afternoon with us. And that night, was church youth group. Afterwards, we treated the kids to Domino's pizza and we watched a science video for kids put out by Popular Mechanics followed by a Nova video on megavolcanoes.

Monday was a nice stay-at-home day. The kids played, we did homeschool lessons, we watered the garden, and B & A took over mothering a tiny, baby kitten that was not being properly cared for by its mother. All the other kittens in the litter had died so the girls are trying to keep this one alive and healthy. B has named it Atrabilious Alpha as its had a very hard life and its the only one that's survived.

Tuesday brought another nice stay-at-home day and more of the same from yesterday. The baby kitten seems to be growing stronger. L, T, and M have opened a "restaurant" in their playhouse. And B has been promoted up to a higher level in clogging. Way to go, girl!

And that's the news from Graceland....where we sure aren't perfect, but we sure are loved.

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