Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Sad Week for the MacLellan Kids

On Monday, D's goldfish Obi Wan died. When we bought D's goldfish for his birthday last month, it was the first time he was given complete responsibility for an animal and he really loved his watery trio. He had to just stand by and watch Obi Wan die...what can you do for goldfish not even as big as your finger? D too the death very hard.

Then sorrow visited us again this morning. The kitten, Atrabillious Alpha, that A and B have worked so hard to provide for, passed away. The little baby was almost two weeks old and seemed to be doing well, but having been born as the runt of litter and then abandoned by a feline mother who never did a very good job with any of her kittens, it just couldn't make it. The girls are crushed by Alpha's death. Above is a photo of Alpha being fed by Super Dad yesterday evening.

Please pray for my children whose hearts are hurting right now.

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