Sunday, May 13, 2007



T has a way of saying things that are uniquely T. I've come to think of them not as truisms, but as T'isms. Today he made me smile with this one:

"I wish I was a tiny baby kitten so everyone would pet me."

What a cutie he is....when he's not being high maintenance, that is! ;)


Sheri said...

LOL! Sounds like he'd fit right in with my crew.

Elysa said...

YOUR kids really come up with some DOOZIES!!!! And this is MY same kid who SUnday got QUITE put out with me because I told him I couldn't marry him, I was already married to Daddy. When all the other boys said something similar to that in the past, they just accepted my answer. Not THIS one. He went ON and ON and ON because he INSISTED that he WOULD marry me when he grew up.


Sweet but OH SO FRUSRATING!!!!