Sunday, September 08, 2013


Walking to Sunday morning church service. #triptorhodeisland #sundayinprovidence #nofilter #blessedsunday
Walking to Downcity Church for Sunday morning worship and teaching.

My Sunday afternoon vantage point. #triptorhodeisland #sundayinprovidence #peoplewatching
While Jim was in meetings, I relaxed, including sitting on a busy corner people watching.

Very first Baptist Church founded in America is here in Rhode Island.  The founder of RI, Roger Williams, fled here to start a society founded on true religious freedom for all.
One our way to supper, we walked past this important landmark.

First Baptist church founded in America by Baptist Christians fleeing religious persecution.  #firstbaptistchurchinamerica#triptorhodeisland #religiousfreedom #sundayinprovidence
Jim stands in the front of the congregation's historic building.

Headed for a very nice supper at the highly rated Mill's Tavern. #triptorhodeisland #sundayinprovidence #collegehill #benefitstreet
Almost to our destination, the top-rated Mill's Tavern.

Now THIS is a pile of onion rings! #sundayinprovidence #millstavern #collegehill #benefitstreet #happyfoodie
Happy about my giant, amazing, stack of onion rings. 

Saturday, September 07, 2013


Despite how it appears...

The gondola right arranged by the hunky hubby.

...we are not in Venice. Not even in Europe. We are in Providence, Rhode Island.

Jim has a dam safety officials' conference and I got to come along to keep him company and have some fun on my own, too. Over the next few blogs, you'll get glimpses of our trip. Today's glimpse is from a gondola ride on the river that flows right through this lovely city. Jim arranged it all. He's such a sweetheart and I'm being completely blessed already.

Friday, September 06, 2013


Many people have asked how Betsie is doing up at college. The answer is fabulous!

She lives with great, amazing, Jesus-loving girls. She likes her classes and professors even if she is having to study and work really hard. She is running for Student Government freshman senator-in-training. She's been visiting First Baptist Church of Columbus and attending on-campus ministry activities, especially at the Wesley Foundation. She is making wonderful and funny friends. And she is happy, though it isn't always easy being away from your family when you know they are leaving for Africa in less than 4 months.

Today, Betsie and many of her classmates started social club recruitment at MUW. She attended numerous parties (don't worry, the non-alcoholic variety) and will do so all weekend before being picked up as a pledge on Monday. Betsie wasn't sure when she first started at The W if she'd pledge a club, at least not right away. But what she's come to realize is that a social club is a family that will be here for her when we're a long way from her.

See, Betsie is fabulous. But even fabulous girls miss their mamas and daddies and siblings. Even fabulous girls sometimes wish that God's plans didn't mean that their family had to be quite so far-flung. But praise God, He realizes that these fabulous girls need Him to send some provison in the form of other people.


And is her Heavenly Father ever providing for this need in truly incredible ways.

Thursday, September 05, 2013


Doing what God tells you to do isn't always easy. If we say that we're followers of Jesus, then we have to be willing to do the kinds of things that Jesus did. That even includes leaving behind family and friends. He left His Heavenly home to come to earth and then when the time was right, he had to leave His carpenter's life in Nazareth to begin His public ministry.

I can only imagine that at times He missed home. After all, He is fully God but He is also fully human.

Sometimes, I miss my old life. I miss lazy Saturday mornings, my pets and chickens, the kids playing freely outside, and getting to spend time with my church girlfriends. Hear me out now, I am very, very thankful for our time here at We Will Go. I know God called us to move here and it has been the best training and transitioning for moving to Africa that I could even imagine.

But part of that transition has meant letting go of our old life. Because of our busy ministry schedule, I rarely get to see friends back at our old community or church friends outside of Sunday morning services.

Wednesday, a friend from church absolutely blessed me when she texted to see if I wanted to join her and the women from her Care Group at a local restaurant. It took some juggling with plans, but I was able to go. What a sweet, sweet time of fellowship it was.

I will follow Jesus no matter the cost, HE IS WORTH IT, but I am also so grateful that He allowed me a little bit of time with these women. He understands. He's made even greater sacrifices.

So blessed to be with these beauties.
Supper at Babalu's.

Jealous much, @betsie_joy ?
Coffee at Cups.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Monday, September 02, 2013


And here are some shots from the actual day:

A cousin conclave.
A Lego cousin conclave.

Who should she choose?
Betsie decides who of the cousins wins the jumping competition.

The two fierce competitors.
My boys, fierce competitors.  Really.

Grand mommy rescues Libby from being thrown in yet one more time.
Grandmommy comforts Libby after the boys "helped" her join in on the jumping contest.

Sunday, September 01, 2013


So great to see friends from my youth group days.  It had been at least 25 years since I'd seen Gil.  Ashley, standing next to me, was at MUW the same time I was.  Susan is now the church pianist.
Sunday morning was worship at my old home church, First Baptist Gautier.

Hanging with the gramds plus one of their friends.
Lunch with the more family members and friends.

Man enough to publicly appreciate the pink stuff.
Man enough to enjoy the pink stuff in public.

Sweets from my sweetheart's trip to NOLA.
Jim and Anna arrived and brought gifts.

Reading about St. Francis of Assisi on my mom's porch swing.
Reading on the front porch swing.

A Sunday stroll to the beach.  #labordayweekend
Down to the beach for a walk.

The warm Gulf waters. #labordayweekend
My beautiful girl.

Late bday gifts from big sister Anna. #labordayweekend  #merrysnday
Anna brought belated birthday gifts for Merry.

Lowering sun over the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
The sun sets on a beautiful Labor Day weekend Sunday.

Beach love.
At the beach with my true love.

Pizza night at Grandmommy's.
Sunday night pizza supper.

My hard working college girl hitting the books.  All.  Weekend.  Long.
Despite the holiday weekend, Betsie was a dedicated student and worked on schoolwork.

Making campaign materials for Betsie's bid for SGA freshman senator. #votebetsie #muw #wecandoit #labordayweekend
We also worked on her SGA senate campaign materials.

Perfect way to end a day of rest...Duck Dynasty.   Thank goodness for reruns!
And watched lots of Duck Dynasty.