Friday, May 11, 2007

Thank God for this Friday

No, I didn't win the sweepstakes. No one from HOME EXTREME MAKEOVER showed up to surprise me with a fancy, HUGE house designed for a family of nine. And the house didn't miraculously clean itself from top to bottom while I was gone today.

But it was STILL a Friday to be glad about. It was a day spent loving my husband and children, chatting with other homeschool parents at the park, eating yummy food (especially the homemade Asian stir fry!), checking out tons of great stuff at the library, finding some hip shoes at the consignment store way cheap (see pic), laughing with my kids' friends as I gave them a ride home, helping my husband teach our kids how to double dutch, and spending the evening sharing our hearts and home with our pastor and associate pastor (and his two wonderful boys).

So often in life, we only chronicle the BIG events...the awards won, the special ceremonies, the births, the deaths. But it really is all those ordinary days that fill up the calendar that make up the real stuff of living. Those simple things of life...watching a baby sleep, singing a silly song to a toddler, holding hands with a loved one, praying before a meal...might not merit a page in a scrapbook or be chronicled on videotape, but they all add up to a life truly blessed and full to overflowing with God's amazing grace.

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