Thursday, May 10, 2007


After viewing the unknown creature featured in the last blog posting, the kids did related homeschool lessons. The older kids drew pictures of the sea creature while writing about it...what is already known and what they THINK might be found out about the creature.

10 year old D believes that the animal is like an electric eel and he thinks that if it bites you it will kill you.

13 year old A thinks that the "rip" or "hole" was probably caused by a sharp rock. She does not think that its electrical. She thinks that it probably eats plankton/algae and has a long life span.

11 year old B speculates that it can stretch up to 15 or maybe 20 feet long. She thinks that its probably a docile, vegetarian because it did not look like it could move very fast. She surmises that it lives a long time and lays eggs. B says that she would name it "tangle serpent" because "having such a long body, it tangles itself up quite frequently".

5 year old LG's drawing of the serpent features the creature leaving his cave dwelling at the bottom lefthand corner. Above the long, dark serpent is its multitude of babies (the dark oblong objects). The round objects in the background are rocks. LG and her friend Laura Lee are on the deck of the boat while brother P and his friend Jacob are in the cabin.

This is P and some of his friends in a submarine floating above the firebreathing sea serpent.

The world is never boring when seen through the eyes of such creative childen! :)

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