Sunday, May 13, 2007


What a special weekend this has been for me. Yesterday was filled to overflowing with fun and was completed by a steak dinner cooked mostly by my darling husband in honor of Mother's Day.

This morning, 3 of the children started my day with breakfast in bed. B, D, and P served me sausage biscuits, strawberries, Krispy Kreme crullers, and milk all accompanied by a lovely bouquet of wildflowers. B gave me a beautiful, old fashioned card with a sleeping girl on the front along with 2 hand-written coupons. David gave me a fun Snoopy card.

At church, LG colored me a cute Mother's Day picture and the older kids gave me a beautiful pink rose compliments of our church. Also, a fellow homeschool mom and member of our cell group, Sarah Macoy, gave me a darling present. The sweet poem and packaging were just as wonderful as the gift itself...a nice tea candle in a very hip holder. I feel especially blessed that this mom of SIX took the time to do something so sweet for me and her other mom friends. What a woman!

At home afterwards, A and B fixed lunch with a little help from me. ;) Then it was time for that treasured tradition...Sunday afternoon naps!

After nap time, we headed back up to church for a special youth service in honor of the moms. Each teenager gave their mom a pretty little bag of Hershey's Kisses and we enjoyed a reception featuring cake, chips, nuts, and sherbet punch.

Upon arriving home, we watered the garden, D helped me cook the pizzas, I popped our weekly ration of PoPcOrN, and then while the munchkins were eating, I called MY mom to wish her a "Happy Mother's Day"! Super Hubby and I also talked for a while. He's such a good guy!

After our Sunday supper of pizza while watching a movie (this time, some vintage Little Rascals), P put on a Mother's Day puppet show for me featuring Yoda, Curious George, "Puppy", and other stuffed animal friends.

And once all the little ones were in bed, B and I watched a sappy, sad movie while A escaped the drama via the Internet. ;)

Earlier in the week, Five in a Row Friend (and fellow Bracelet Babe) Paige, had sent me a care package with a cute card and some nice bath stuff.

I sit here feeling totally blessed by all the expressions of love I've received...from my husband, children, extended family, friends, and church family. I pray that I will be worthy of their love and respect. I pray that every day I will be the kind of mother and friend they need me to be.

So to all of you who helped make this such a special occasion, thank you so very much.

And to all you other mothers out there....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! May your children rise up and call you blessed.

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Drewe Llyn said...

Such a wonderful Mother's Day for such a wonderful mommy! So glad you were blessed.