Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Prayer walking is something we frequently do here at We Will Go. I had never even heard of prayer walking growing up. At some point over the last decade or so ago, I heard about a team going to a country without a strong Christian presence. Prayer walking was the main activity of the group. Since then, I've heard about it happening much more often and have gotten the chance to do a lot of it, especially since moving to We Will Go. It is basically what it sounds like, walking with the intent of praying. You might be praying around specific buildings, such as around a college or school campus before the first day of a new semester, or you might be walking along a neighborhood and looking for people who need prayer. Here at We Will Go, we often take visiting volunteers prayer walking but we also, as a missionary family, go often on Tuesday nights. We will walk along praying for churches as we pass them or for God to restore businesses and sections of our neighborhood. We will stop and pray for neighbors as we come across them or might specifically set out to check on a particular neighbor the Lord is putting on our hearts.
Merry took this photo and says, "The coolest heart ever is like that heart in that picture".

Sometimes prayer walking is intense and you really sense the spiritual warfare that is going on.
Sunset over Farish.

Other times, it is a time to pour love and encouragement out on a neighbor, especially the older folks in our area.
Levi and Merry visit with a neighbor.

A lot of times, it is fun and a great time for us to not just enjoy our neighbors but also the missionary family.
Just a swingin' in the hood.

Maybe prayer walking is brand new for you. You don't have to start elaborate. It can be as simple as praying for your neighborhood while out on your morning run or putting the children in their wagon and praying as you pull them around the community park. You might be surprised at how those simple prayers will open your heart up even more to those around you and you might find yourself being shocked at who God brings across your path. You never know when someone out there is waiting for someone just like you to say "hey, can I pray for you about that situtation?"
Walking home from praying in the 'hood.

For further information on prayer walking, you might like this online resource: http://www.namb.net/prayerwalking-tips/

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