Saturday, August 17, 2013


This morning, the whole family --- including our bonus son Desmond --- piled into the van and now-belongs-to-Betsie truck and headed up to Columbus for Move-In Day at Mississippi University for Women.

Move-In Day!!!! #movingtocollege

Like the capable young woman she is, she not only drove the 15 passenger van up there (because more siblings than the truck could hold wanted to be with her) but she backed it up for unloading. All watching were quite impressed.

Almost there! #movingtocollege

If they think that was impressive, just watch it! The longer they know Betsie, the more impressed they will be.

On campus and Callaway in the background. #movingtocollege

Betsie is not just capable and beautiful, everyone can see that upon first meeting her. She's mature and compassionate and driven and loving and smart. She's wise and well-grounded. She's friendly and helpful. She is not afraid of a challenge and relishes competition. She's also deeply in love with the Lord and fully committed to walking the path He has for her.

They're here!!! #movingtocollege #roomies

Today, she moved into a new season of life. She'll make many new friends and deepen friendships already begun, like the one with her roommate Callie. She'll gain the knowledge and skills she will need to follow God's call on her life. She'll have some amazing experiences and will, I know, be a Godly influence on many people and many situations. She's going to bring her unique brand of Betsie joy that lights up a room.

Truly we heard the Lord when we named her Betsie Joy.

Betsie means "consecrated (dedicated) to God" and joy, well, that warrants no explanation. And if you do need an explanation, just spend some time around our girl. For Betsie is surely the living, breathing --- and dancing --- definition of joy.

I love you, sweet girl!

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