Sunday, August 11, 2013


maud·lin (môdlin) adjective

:foolishly and overly sentimental

What I am struggling not to be as we start Betsie's very last week of living with our family.

At the risk of perfectly portraying that word, I have two pictures to post of Betsie.

*smiff* Betsie's last time to lead WOW Kids' worship.
Betsie leading worship for the last time at Wow Kids here at We Will Go.

Betsie's last WWG team meeting.
And the last Sunday night intern meeting for Betsie.

As you should notice, neither of these photos show weeping or gnashing of teeth.  Those truly maudlin images must wait for Saturday.

When we move her into her dorm room.

Located in another part of the state.

Far, far away from her adoring family.

In six days.

Six days....

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