Sunday, August 25, 2013


Though the celebrating started on Friday, Merry's actual birthday is today. Here are some scenes from her big eight.

Singing Happy Birthday. #merrysbday
During children's church, the kids sang Happy Birthday to Merry.  Travis seemed  to enjoy the experience more than Merry.

Wendy's to-go for her bday lunch 'cause Mama's feeling bad.
Mama was feeling bad so Merry's birthday lunch morphed into burgers from Wendy's.

Merry's very first Lego set --- a gift from her big brother.
Merry's very first Lego set, a gift from big brother David.

Daddy with his baby girl.
Laura, Travis, and Patrick gave Merry a carrier for her new doll.  Jim and I gave her a custom-made pony and a Hello Kitty toothbrush.

One of the kids'favorite things about living in the 'hood?  The tradition of money being pinned on the bday person. #merrysbday #lifeatwewillgo
One of the fun things about living in the hood is the tradition of pinning money on people for their birthdays.  Merry received $21 this way, enough to buy an outfit for her new Ayla "Our Generation" doll.

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