Tuesday, August 20, 2013


...then this collage must paint a million.

Betsie is having a fabulous time. She has already, in just three and a half days, done so much. She's had floor meetings, learned about school traditions and practiced songs, attended a picnic and danced the Cupid Shuffle, rode her bike in the rain, serenaded the upperclassmen and college president, went to a progressive meal sponsored by three campus ministries, worshiped at my old college church, finished getting her room set-up, gotten completely registered, attended her first classes, made a million new friends, and managed to actually do some homework. She is loving The W and just knowing she's having such an amazing time has helped me not to feel quite so sad over her leaving. How could I not smile when she calls me as excited as she was last night over a big bit of news?

Knowing Betsie, there are going to be lots of big bits of news over the next four years. It blesses this mama heart to see how right this choice was for her and to know that God only has more where this came from in store for my baby girl.

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