Friday, August 23, 2013


The marvelous Miss M turns 8 this Sunday, but because that day of the week is always so full for us, we had her party with a handful of friends on Friday night. This was her first sleepover and as the last birthday party before moving to Africa, we went a little bit more elaborate than we'd normally do. Usually, our kids only can have one friend over and the celebration is fairly simple except on landmark years --- 5, 10, 13, 16, and 18. But they are all getting blow-out parties this last year in America.

Merry's party theme was Hello Kitty. Two friends from Restoration Church and two friends from We Will Go spent the night with her after an evening of watching a movie (DESPICABLE ME), pizza eating, cake and icecream, playing inside and out, putting makeup on each other, and opening gifts. A highlight of the night was Betsie's arrival from college.

Here are some photo highlights from her special event:

Pizza, Despicable Me, and a bevy of birthday celebrants.

Betsie's home!!!!

Happy birthday to you!

Birthday love!

Kraft Kookie Dough and Kake ;)

Oh my word!

Girls just wanna have fun! #merrysbday

Hello Kitty Happy

Let the celebrating continue on Saturday and Sunday!

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