Monday, August 19, 2013


Today was the first day of ballet classes for the new school year. Merry, who just last week said that being a dancer was a "one way ticket to good fashion" was very excited. Of course, it is pretty easy for that girl to get excited.

Off to the first day of ballet.

One of the things I enjoy about them taking ballet is the walks we take to and fro. It is good exercise and we always see something interesting.

Taking the way less traveled.

This week, we spotted a patch of mushrooms. Laura said this one looks like it would be perfect for the world of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

A perfectly crafted table.

Who knows if the girls will ever have the chance to take dance classes in Africa, but for now, I'm very thankful for this opportunity. After all, doesn't every little Southern Belle need to take either dance or piano in their lives?

First day of ballet and Merry is so excited!

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