Sunday, August 04, 2013


Today, Betsie and I shared another milestone. She attended her "new student" reception hosted by the local Mississippi University for Women alum chapter. I've attended this event in the past, but never as the mother of an incoming freshman.

W-girls, past and present.

Held at Sal & Mookies, the reception featured short speeches by alums and faculty (including the MUW president), yummy icecream, lots of photo taking, prize drawings, a time for questions, and --- the best part of all --- the chance to meet some of Betsie's new classmates and get to know better girls that she already knows through homeschooling or past MUW events. At least two or three of them will be living in the same dorm as Betsie.

Sundaes on Sunday.  A W welcome event. #betsiescollegeexperience

I enjoyed talking to the students, sharing some words of advice and also telling them a little bit about my own years at The W. But the very best of the whole thing was knowing that my girl is about to have her own stories to tell about her years at The W. MUW is truly a unique college and I hope and pray for Betsie that her time there is even better than mine. And that's saying a lot as my time there was truly one of my favorite parts of this life. I learned so much, grew in many ways, and made dear friends who came to be like the sisters I never had. Some of them are still some of my closest friends in the world.

Betsy and Betsie, MUW Class of 2017.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't going to be sad to see Betsie move out next week. I'm sure I'll cry and probably call her every day the first week or two. But I wouldn't have her miss this for anything. As much as my mama heart is going to hurt for her, she's about to live out a dream that she's worked towards for years and I can't wait to see all the wonderful plans the Lord has in store for her.

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