Tuesday, August 13, 2013


There are a lot of things that must get done before we move to Swaziland. Some are absolute have-to's such as getting rid of stuff and packing up what we're taking to Swaziland. Some don't absolutely have to be done but we really want to do them. One of those latter things is a family newsletter.

In the past, we'd always sent out a Christmas newsletter. That didn't happen this past year. I can't remember if it even happened the Christmas before.
We Will Go's writer-in-residence Levi Gill edits our Swaziland newsletter.

But with Jim and I working together and a little editorial help from our favorite red-headed, missionary neighbor, we have finished up our newsletter and now have it available for reading. We'll be posting an e-version of it via email and facebook, but also will be printing off hard copies for those who want one.

So let me know! Shoot me your email or mailing address or make sure you're signed up for our "Elysa and Jim's Swaziland Adventure" Facebook page and you can read all about what's going on as we journey to living in Swaziland.

That is, if you've not already gotten your fill here at Graceland. After all, I'm kinda obsessed with what God's calling us to do in Africa and have been blogging about it for more than a little while now.

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