Thursday, August 15, 2013


In just a little over one day from now, Betsie will be moving out of Faith House and into her first dorm room as a college student. Today, I needed to go up to Mississippi University for Women to meet with my social club and help them with some recruitment/rush preparations. Betsie agreed to go with me to keep me company and give us one more day together before Saturday's big change. After a good lunch with Betsie and one of her fellow in-coming freshman, Kellin, I headed to the Troubadour meeting while Betsie went and looked into a possible volunteer position, went to check out the Columbus library, and visit some with her cousin Emily. I had a great time with the Troubadour actives plus another alum as we practiced songs, worked on their skit, talked about party favors, and enjoyed getting to know each other better. After the Troubadour meeting, Betsie and I went to the Baptist Student Union and spent about half an hour with Nancy Aulds, the same student minister that was there when I was a much younger W-Girl twenty-five years ago.

That's one of the things I love most about MUW, no matter how old I get, I'm still a W-Girl and I'll always have sisters and friends both on campus and around the world. The "Long Blue Line" stretches from the past to the future joining her alums no matter the age, race, or background.

Here are some pictures from our day together:

Being chauffeured by Betsie to The W.  This is the way we roll.
My beautiful chauffeur.
At Tampico Bay!
Tampico Bay is just down the street from MUW.
Lunch with these two beautiful incoming freshmen.
Kellin and Betsie, Class of 2017
Supah hungry so supah happy!
This hungry mama was one happy mama.
Awkward faces.
Awkward faces are us.
Troubadours practicing songs for rush/recruient.
Troubadours lined up for song practice.
"So I'll sing, I love Troubadours."
Sweet voices, lovely girls.
Bossy alums rockin' the recruitment prep.
Audra came to MUW the fall after I graduated, but because of Troubadours, we still  have become good friends despite not being students on campus at the same time.w
Happy hungry Troubadours.
Troubadour Alum president Audra won big smiles by ordering pizza.
Troubadour Sisterhood ... no respecter of age or graduation year.
Jenna Petrel, Honor's College scholar and student leader , is one of the present day students I'm blessed to know thanks to my social club.
The W's bookstore goes uptown.
The W's bookstore is now an on-campus Barnes & Noble.  Swank-Swank.

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