Wednesday, August 28, 2013


In keeping with tradition, I am interviewing the most recent birthday kid, the Marvelous Miss Merry who just turned eight on Sunday.

Inside?  A doll carrier for her new OUR GENERATION doll, Ayla.

Okay, Miss Merry. Tell me about your birthday weekend.

Well Friday, I had a sleep-over. Saturday, I watched Wreck-It Ralph with my sister Betsie and Miss Maegan [a We Will Go missionary]. Sunday, I opened lots of gifts and I had got money pinned on to me and I had Wendy's for lunch.

Because I was sick and couldn't make you the deer meat Sloppy Joes.

Sounds like a full weekend of celebrating. I think something happened today that was also part of your birthday.

I got an American Girl doll!

Merry is so excited by this American Girl doll that one of my Troubadour sisters sent for her birthday.  Totally blown away! #merrysbday #soblessed #troubadoursocialclub #muw

Pretty WOW! How'd you get that?

One of my mom's Troubadour friends got it for me.

That's pretty amazing.

And it is the best thing ever!!!!

What other gifts did you get?

I got an Our Generation doll. I got a carrier for my doll. I got a Lego set. I got a humongous M. I got a horse that when you poured water over it it would turn pink. And I got a Hello Kitty backpack. I got a Hello Kitty mirror. I got a Hello Kitty ornament. And I got a Hello Kitty bag. I got a teddy bear. I got miniature Oreos. I got $8. I got lots of cards. And then I have now $70 left from all my birthday money.

Man! Those are a lot of gifts! Who all gave you that?

Ummm...friends, grandparents, my mom's friends, siblings, and parents.

Guess there is a benefit to having a big family, huh? And living at We Will Go?

Yep! OOOOOH! I forgot a gift! I also got a cat mirror from Miss Maegan and I got a stuffed horse. And a Hello Kitty toothbrush.

Wow. I don't think you'll need any more presents for the next five years.

[Merry laughs] Wait...for real?

[Mom laughs mysteriously].

So that's all about your birthday weekend. Let's talk a little bit about you and what your life is like.

Well, I'm seven years old, actually eight. I have two dolls. I have lots of doll clothes. I am a Lego Friends fan. And I get to go to the Coast this weekend.

Let's talk about some favorites now that you are eight.

What are your favorite things to eat?

I love pizza. I love chocolate cake. I like cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes. What about favorite tv show?

Wild Kratts, Littlest Pet Shop, and then Fetch.


Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, Despicable Me, Mega Mind, and then last but not least, [she makes a drum roll sound] the Incredibles!


CHOCOLATE! Kisses, Smarties, Nerds, M&Ms, and that's it!


Chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies, white chocolate chip cookies, and then last of all, Oreos.


I like Tangled music. Lorax music. Wreck-It Ralph music. Waka-Waka [It's Time for Africa].

Subject in school?

Reading and Explode-the-Code

Favorite books?

Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth; the series of Fancy Nancy; Piggie and Gerald books also the Knuffle Bunny and the little pigeon [by Mo Willems]. Toys? Things to play with?

Horse toys, dolls, art stuff.

How happy is this girl?  Now her Ayla doll has a new friend. #merrysbday #soblessed

What games do you like to play with your friends?

Stuffed animal dogs, all sorts of stuffed animals.

What do you like best about living at We Will Go?

I get my jobs done before suppertime and I get to go to GAs [Girls in Action mission group at First Baptist Jackson].

What are you looking forward to the most about living in Swaziland?

Getting to see all the cool animals and making cool friends.

What thing are you hoping to do the most or are the most excited to do as an eight year old?

To go on a safari.

Sounds like a good plan. Is there anything people can pray for you about?

That we won't have a hard time moving and that we will have a good time at the Coast [this weekend].

Okay, that's it! I LOVE YOU, BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!! I am so blessed to be your silly mama.

Amazed at how blessed we are. #lifeatwewillgo

Silly mama. [laughs] I, too, am so glad to be your silly daughter.


Heather Sullivan said...

Loved the interview, looking forward to seeing you all in Swaziland. have a great time at the beach. we are at Murrells beach

Elysa said...

Thanks, Heather! Just two months and sixteen days now. :D