Thursday, August 01, 2013


Friday is Betsie's birthday, but doe to the generosity and hardworking of some sweet [home] Alabama folks, the celebration started early.  We left We Will Go for the official purpose of going to pick up Patrick in Atlanta with a stop-over for the night with the Unsells.  Betsie was totally surprised to walk into their home to find a full-fledged birthday party waiting for her including authentic Mexican fare cooked by a neighbor, three desserts, decorations in one of her favorite colors, and two extra families joining in for the celebration.

Truly a huge blessing for us all!

 Surprise party for Betsie at the Unsells outside of B'ham.

A trio of bday desserts for Betsie. #betsies18thbday


Birthday candles and birthday joy. #betsies18thbday

So happy!!!!! #betsies18thbday

Betsie and her trio of bday sweets. #betsies18thbday

All smiles in Alabama.

And more blessing from the Unsells. #betsies18thbday

All the kids together. #betsies18thbday


Jen U. said...

I LOVE these pics. We sure loved seeing you guys again. I will email you what pictures I took later on today when I get some more time. ;)

Elysa said...

Thank YOU once again for all the ways you blessed our family. Jim says your kids are some of the sweetest kids he's ever met.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!