Thursday, August 29, 2013


This picture was taken a couple of years ago at a birthday party for my son Patrick. Ain't he cute? Flanking him are his two Gammill cousins, one of which is having a birthday today. (Hint, the one looking spiffy in a faux bow tie

So in honor of Christian's, and because I love Patrick and Hunter as well, I'm posting this picture. All three are getting closer and closer to adulthood and before we know it, just like their big sisters, they'll be leaving home and starting lives apart from their parents. I'm thankful that God gave cousins to my kids. They just make all the holidays and family get-togethers a little bit more fun and a lot bit more loud. We never lived in the same town as our extended family members, but despite that, their closeness in ages and their level of awesomeness meant that when we did see each other, it was a good thing.

We are going to miss all the cousins when we move to Africa. Guess they're just gonna have to roadtrip to see us. And airtrip.

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