Wednesday, August 07, 2013


We are moving in 4.5 months.

Help!  So many boxes still not unpacked from our last move but MUST be gone thru before we leave for Swaziland.


That is crazy.

I am both terribly excited but also a tad overwhelmed concerning all that needs to be done. Mostly the getting rid of stuff and figuring out what to take, what to sell, what to give away, what to trash, etc.

In light of this, I need three things.

1. LOTS and LOTS of prayer! Seriously. I am a semi-hoarder and I also am sentimentally attached to a lot of what we own. This makes getting rid of possessions hard on me. Sometimes it physically hurts. Pray I can just let go of it. Pray I'll keep the face of my Lord and the beautiful Swazis He has called me to love ever present before me. He and they are worth it!

2. ADVICE! Send me websites and articles and blog posts from others with advice on moving/going overseas. Send me your own tips.

Just two of the bins we will have to sort thru as we prepare to move to Africa.

3. HELP! And lots of it! I need folks who are willing to actually come and work beside me. I am not good at doing this sort of thing on my own. I need people to help me think through what I should keep. I need people who will hold the whip over me and keep me focused. We also have many things we'd like to sell since we'll be having to furnish a home in Africa with pots, cups, rugs, beds, chairs, toilet paper, brooms, etc. We can't take very much with us so we will need to buy a lot once we are there. If we can sell a lot of our stuff here, then we can use the profits to set up our new household in Africa. If you enjoy doing garage sales or selling things on Craigslist, we would really appreciate your help.

Around four years ago, Jim walked into our kitchen out on the farm and said that he just realized that he could retire in a few years and we could move to Swaziland. Hard to believe those years are almost done and we're counting down the months.

Thanks for everything,

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