Sunday, November 28, 2010


For over 4 years now, our family has been blessed to have a pastor who loves us enough to preach the truth. He is passionate about his biological family and pours himself into that heritage. He is also passionate about his spiritual family and the heritage he is leaving behind in this world and in our church.

Brother Freddie loves them and us so much that he refuses to water down the truth. He is encouraging and generous with the "atta boy"s when they are needed but is also more than willing to tell us what we need to hear, even when it isn't pleasant. Even when it means we might not like it.

But always from the heart of a father who loves his children...and that's a reflection of the heart of God.

I can trust Brother Freddie to encourage and affirm us when that's what he knows we need and trust him to point out to us when we need to shape up and change.

And that's what real love does.

So today, I thank God for Brother Freddie and his love for his church family.... love that is sometimes a comforting, bear hug and sometimes an equally needed, well planted, kick in the rear.

By the way, his wife is pretty awesome, too!

To listen to some of Brother Freddie's sermons, visit our church website:

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