Friday, November 12, 2010


Nearly 26 years ago, as a freshman at Mississippi University for Women, I started pledging a social club that would become more than just another extracurricular, student activity. That club would become a sisterhood, a family of diverse young women brought together through the bond of Troubadours to build friendships that would last a lifetime.

I entered the W, as my alma mater is affectionately called by its loyal daughters, as a gawky teenager who often felt socially inferior and out-of-place and graduated slightly less gawky but with a passel of friends and a huge helping of social confidence. The small, caring college atmosphere was just what I needed to thrive and my social club was a huge part of that.

Each year, I look forward to seeing my college friends and Troubadour sisters at the spring Homecoming. It is a weekend of hugging and laughing and singing and reminiscing and making new friends.

I count among my circle of friends, present day students, young alums, peers from my college days, and alums who are old enough to be my mom orgrandmom. That's the kind of unique place that The W is. And as I said earlier, the Troubadours are a major part of that mix.

I can walk on campus on any day, find a Troubadour member, and immediately have a sister welcoming me home...even if we've never met before that day.

Last night, a whole new group of Troubadours completed their pledging process. After weeks of memorizing club facts, singing songs (some quite silly), wearing lots of blue, and becoming quite expert at drawing old English "T"s, the new girls are now neophytes awaiting initiation after their grades come in. College rules might require that they present their 2.0 grade point average before they can officially be initiated as active members, but in our hearts, we already know that they are our sisters for life.

So today, on this 12th day of thankfulness, I am grateful for my Troubadour sisters. Whether they are 18 or 58; Black, White, Latino, or Asian; they are family. They are those girls in blue, that to this day, continue to bring love and blessings into my life.

Welcome to the sisterhood, new babies! You help make the Troubadour spark shine even brighter.


K Giardina said...

Elysa, what a terrific blog! Congrats to all the new Troubadours. It's so amazing to add new members to our Troubadour and W family, and what a blessing.
One day a year or so ago, I walked into an elevator in a downtown office building, spoke in passing to a woman walking off the elevator, then (with my usual shyness and reserve lol) cleared my throat and asked if she had gone to the W. Her eyes lit up, she smiled and replied, "Class of 74."

Elysa said...

Love it, Kim!

BTW, I am so glad you decided to quit being a darn independent and became my sister. Troubadours was stronger and better for that move.

meechelleftw said...

I know how you feel, Elysa!

Elysa said...

Thanks for commenting, "meechelleftw". I'm curious to know who you are in real life, though. Are you a Troubadour sister?