Tuesday, November 16, 2010


That's right! It is my "sweet" duty to announce that Anna and Betsie both were hired this past month.

And so, this Thanksgiving season, I am very grateful for the employers who have been willing to take a chance on my girls and hire them. I pray, that their employers will be blessed by their hard work, responsibility, sharp minds, honesty, and Christian attitudes. I also pray that Anna and Betsie will continue to grow in maturity, work ethic, and a servant's heart as they enjoy the financial benefits of a steady income.

Anna is working for a local frozen yogurt shop which is a great fit since she LOVES icecream, frozen yogurt, and other sweets. She's working enough hours to bring in enough cash to cover her truck insurance, cell phone bill, etc. plus have enough left over for some savings and spending money but not so many hours that it interferes with her homeschooling, extra-curricular activities, and church. That last one was a big deal. We didn't want her working on Sundays or working anyplace that would require her to compromise our Christian values. She could have probably been hired a lot sooner than this if these requirements weren't there, but the job was worth the wait.

Betsie is working much fewer hours a week but it is a good, first job for her as she transitions into the work world. A few hours a week is also nice since she doesn't have her driver's license yet and relies on me or Anna for transportation. She is working for EDUCATION AFRICANS FOR CHRIST. EAfC is a non-profit organization that raises money, including thru the selling of African crafts, to provide scholarships for promising students in Africa. Her duties include tech support, organizing the craft inventory, filing, and licking millions of envelopes. She is also selling the beautiful, craft items which include Christmas ornaments, purses, scarves, shirts, and puppets. And, of course, African freaks that we are, we are delighted that she is working for a ministry that is directly impacting not just individuals in Africa, but their families and entire communities.

I'm proud of both of my girls for their willingness to work and lighten our family's financial load and I'm proud that both of them are giving some of their money towards the Lord's work. It is just another step in them growing into beautiful women of God.

So on this sixteenth day of Thanksgiving, I am grateful to God for my girls' good jobs.


Coffee Bean said...

That is awesome! Tell them congrats and give them big hugs from me. Especially Anna... and squeeze her... and mess up her hair. From me. Ha!

Elysa said...

Thanks, Kelly, and will do. Btw, that hair you want me to mess up is now BRIGHT raspberry red!