Friday, November 19, 2010


For over 11 years now, we've been a part of the Florence/Richland Homeschool Group. And for 11 years, that group has been a blessing in the life of our family. Through that group we've made a lot of amazingly great friends and we've had some wonderful times, like today's EAT YOUR WAY AROUND THE WORLD.

Through our homeschool group, we've been able to come together and enjoy activities that wouldn't be quite as fun just on our own. I mean, how much cooking would I have to do in order to have foods from Asia, France, Italy, Greece, Trinidad, England, Africa, Sweden, India, and Mexico? But that's exactly what our family had for lunch today thanks to the cooks in our group.

I've often told new homeschoolers that a good homeschool group can make a huge difference in their chances for succeeding. Our group offers spelling bees, science fairs, field trips, poetry contests, craft days, P.E., holiday parties, teen activities, a year book, ministry outreaches, talent shows, and more! And through these activities, my kids have formed relationships that spill over to sleepovers, birthday parties, playdates, even trips to the beach!

And on top of the fun activities, there is the loving encouragement and prayer support. I know that those parents can relate to what I'm going thru. They aren't throwing rocks at me, just throwing words of grace and advice.

So on this 19th day of thankfulness, I am grateful for my homeschool group. And I encourage you, if you're educating your kids and don't have one, you just might want to give finding one a try. For our family, it has made a world of difference.

And speaking of world, enjoy some photos from today' EAT YOUR WAY AROUND THE WORLD, an annual tradition started by my beautiful friend, Rhonda.

The creator of our krispy world!

Me, merrily clutching on to perhaps the only rice krispy treat rendering of Southern Africa.

Proud of his Mexican flan! He was inspired to make this after tasting flan on his
missions trip to Mexico.

The British trifle was lovely!

All lined up to enjoy the international goodies.

Mexican cookies!

A happy diner!

Mmmm....dark chocolate truffles. Yep, she's my daughter!

Rhonda, our mastermind, and her beautiful girls.

Norris played his African drum to go along with the African dish his family brought.

Happy smiles from two satisfied diners.

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