Friday, November 26, 2010


What? You thought that just because Thanksgiving is officially over for another year that the "Days of Thankfulness" would end?

Au contraire. An attitude of gratitude should never end. It should stay with us every day and in every situation.

That said, no, I will not be doing "Day 12,224 of Thankfulness" when I'm nearing my 100th birthday and blogging with my great-grandchildren gathered around me. BUT, I will finish up November with my thankful posts and hopefully remember long past this month is up to always have a heart filled with joy and contentment due to an awareness of truly how much God blesses me, even in the midst of hardship and struggle. I'm already a pretty happy and content person, but even I find it so easy to slip into complaining and whining. After all, I live in a culture where every day I am told to "have it my way" or that "I deserve the best today", which can make it hard sometimes to not get dissatisfied even though I live a life overflowing with so much. Just the fact that I have enough food to eat, clean water, modern medical care, and an adequate roof over my head means that I have more materialistically than the majority of the world does.

So really? Do I need to be complaining that the marshmallows on the potato casserole got a little too brown or that I couldn't find just the perfect Thanksgiving themed paper plates? Ones that had both yellow and blue? In the light of how much we have and how little so many have, I really, really, really have so very little to honestly complain about.

But in America, we've elevated complaining to almost national pastime status.

So today, I recommit to just saying no to seeing the glass half empty. I commit to seeing God's goodness every where I turn. I choose to seek to be content in all things. And I will rejoice in today, because this is the day that the Lord has made. And so was yesterday.

And speaking of yesterday, here are some shots from the very blessed Thanksgiving Day I spent with my mom, my brother's family, and my hubby and kids here at Graceland:


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