Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today we spent a few hours in the heart of our city. We worshiped, prayed, served, fellowshipped, laughed, and loved. And we were blessed...we are always blessed at WE WILL GO. Some Sundays, I'll be honest, I don't feel like going. The bed looks really comfy and seems to be calling me to come and indulge in a long, long nap. But inevitably, when I say know to sleep's siren call and go on into the city, I never regret it.

What an amazing privilege it is to be even a small part of something so big and beautiful. I am thankful that we have been changed through their ministry and in turn, have a chance to serve the least and lost.

WE WILL GO is a light in the darkness. In a city with one of the highest murder rates per capita in the nation, located in a state with the highest teen pregnancy rate and the one of the very worst public education systems in the nation, WE WILL GO has been called by God to make a difference.

Despite the statistics, the history, and the overwhelming odds, WE WILL GO is on a mission from God to change Jackson, Mississippi.

Through the power of God, WE WILL GO is bringing hope to the hopeless and love to the abandoned. They are preaching the truth of God and putting his principles into action with every person they pray for, child they make smile, hungry person they feed, street person they clothe, prostitute they befriend, crack baby they rock, single mom they comfort, struggling Christian they disciple, and church member they set free from the bondage of dead religion.

WE WILL GO is willing to go to the hardest,darkest, scariest places. They are willing to go back to the parts of our city that have been forsaken. They are willing to shine the light of Jesus ... the light that will bring true life to our state's capital and to me and you.

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