Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today I am thankful for The Orange Peel.

"What? You're thankful for the skin from a citrus fruit?", you may be thinking.

As lovely as citrus fruit refuse may be, that is not the peel I speak there of.

The Orange Peel is a fun, funky consignment store specializing in vintage items (including clothing, accessories, household items, and record albums) as well as high fashion pieces and original artwork.

Now that we are straight on what kind of peel I'm thankful for, you still might be a bit confused about why I am thankful for The Orange Peel.

Well, for quite a few reasons, to be honest.

First, as I just said, it is a great place to find wonderful clothes and home accessories at a great price. And hey, who doesn't like a bargain?

Second, it is a shop that my daughters and their friends and I all agree on. When they are out on the town with their friends, it is a frequent destination and a place worthy of spontaneous photos shoots. I love shopping there as much as they do --- sometimes even with my friends --- and with the prices being so great, I rarely have to say "no" to a purchase based on the asking price. As anyone out there with teenagers will tell you, this alone is worthy of praise and gratitude!

Third, it is just darn fun to browse around. The over the top shoes and clothes are a hoot to look at or even try on. The old record albums bring back fun memories or maybe just induce some howls of laughter. And the bright colors inspire me to do the same with my dream house in Africa.

And fourth, it provides finances for missions, mostly African and Swaziland ministries. A couple of years ago, I started collecting items to sell at The O.P. and over that time, I've made hundreds of dollars to either help support missionaries financially or provide funds for ministries that primarily take care of orphans. If you ever want to donate to the cause, just let me know.

Today, my teenage girls and I had a successful outing at The O.P. Anna scored a gorgeous, black velvet, full length coat a la Jane Austen along with a great, grey, dress with an asymmetrical hemline. Betsie found a green top with a lovely cut. And me? I just enjoyed spending some fun time with my big girls. With graduation looming in the not-too-distant future for the both of them, I'm cherishing every single one of these days while I can.

So for today, I want to say that I am thankful for The Orange Peel in the Fondren District of Jackson. And if you're in the area, you really need to head on over to one of the funkiest places in Mississippi and spend a little time ... and maybe a little money ... at The Orange Peel Vintage Consignment Boutique.

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