Thursday, November 18, 2010


On facebook, my daughter Anna is describing people she knows with songs so I snagged the idea and did the same. Some of the songs are funny reflections, some are sweet, some are hopeful in the face of sad circumstances. Despite their differences, they share one commonality.... they have a certain mood about them.

Let's face it, there are some songs, whether the genre and artist are your favorite or not, that when they come on, you just can't help but smiling and tapping your feet. Maybe even dancing.

Others instantly take you back to a time long ago. You instantly remember faces long since gone out of your life, or maybe they are still around, but not as youthful now. Some of those memories rendered are happy and innocent, some are melancholy or even painful.

Some songs stir up love and passion and cause you to reach out to that special one who has captured your heart.

Others make you want to strut strong and take on the world.

Still others take you to a peaceful, resting place...maybe even to the arms of Father God.

Today, I am thankful for music and what it has brought to my life. I am thankful for good memories irrevocably entwined with certain melodies...

HOW SWEET IT IS TO BE LOVED BY YOU and DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT take me back to the falling in love days with my husband.

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN will always remind me of my college girlfriends.

WE GOT THE BEAT is high school football games, slumber parties, and school dances during the mid-80's.

Tom Howard's piano music played as I drove many miles across African velds.

FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS FOREVER and LEAN ON ME were used at every Troubadour rush party at MUW.

BAND ON THE RUN was played over and over again by my childhood friend Mark who died way too young.

LITTLE DARLIN' was often sung by my dad as he worked on our Crystal Springs farm.

MEN AT WORK , BIG COUNTRY, and OUR HOUSE will always be connected to my brother.

And I WILL BE THERE brings back memories of the day I married my love.

I could probably spend all day and all night and do it over again and not run out of songs that are somehow connected to a special memory, friend, or season of life. Music has been used in my life to help me worship my God, calm my babies, bring smiles to preschoolers, add romance to dates, and add rollicking fun to road trips.

Songs have made my life richer. And for this, I am gratefulness on this eighteenth day of thankfulness.

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