Saturday, November 13, 2010


As anyone who has spent much time at Graceland or around me in real life knows, I miss Swaziland. I miss the beauty of the rocky mountains; the infectious laughter of the children; the warm, friendly smiles of friends and strangers; the exuberant worship in the churches; and the precedence that relationship is given over tasks. Those and many other reasons are why I love Swaziland and miss it every single day that I'm away.

But there are a group of young Swazi adults who have committed their lives to teaching and showing the children of that nation the love of God and the wonder of His ways. The Adventures in Missions Discipleship Team, usually called The D-Team, spends their days traveling to the various carepoints that AIM works with and once they are there, they play with the kids, lead songs, teach them Bible stories, listen to their fears and dreams, pray with them, visit the homes, keep their Children's HopeChest sponsors updated on what is going on with their "special friends", helping the women who work at the carepoint, ensure they get medical care if needed, and a myriad of other loving actions.

I can't be there every day as I'd like, but it blesses me to know that the D-Team is there bringing the life, truth, power, and love to hundreds of beautiful Swazi children.

Please pray for this team as they walk out this often difficult calling. I am grateful for them because I know that they daily are laying down their lives for their Savior and for His precious "least of these" in Swaziland.

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