Thursday, November 01, 2007


As some of you know, my sister-in-law is a relatively new but STILL very talented digital designer. She designed my blog's topper as well as the digital banner for GRACE WORKS, the jewelry that my friend Rhonda is helping us make and sell to raise money for our African ministry trip. You can see that design at the bottom of this post.

Stephanie is hosting a giveaway at her blog, THAT GIRL DESIGNZ, as part of the FALL, Y'ALL BLOGGY GIVEAWAY. If you've got one of those standard blog templates or perhaps a personalized one but you're just ready for a new one, head on over her way. She'll custom design you one that fits your personality and blog's purpose if you're the winner.

And even if you're not the winner of the drawing, she offers blog header designs free of charge at other times, they're just not personalized.

Good luck and tell her that her crazy, conservative sister-in-law sent you her way. ;)

P.S. She not only makes really great digital designs, but her kids are pretty darn brilliant and cute, too. ;)

P.S.P.S. There Stephanie...does that make up for the fact that I've voted for Bush in the last 2 elections? :)


Rhonda Jeanne said...

Cool design!!

Elysa said...

Isn't it great? BTW, did you enter her drawing? I bet she could do something terrific that relates your fun, creative, and loving life!

Stephanie said...

ummm no! ^_~

Elysa said...

Awwww-w-w-w now, Stephanie. LOL!

BTW, my friend Rhonda is from your neck of the woods...and not your adopted neck, but your growing up neck of the woods. She's from Mass. and is so funny cause she keeps forgetting that I'm not a yankee! So see...I must not be a TOTAL redneck! ;)