Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I know that many of you are weary today. You struggle with an exhaustion that reaches down to your very core. I pray that you'll be made aware in a very real way today of God's presence...His love, His strength, His power, His provision, His mercy, His grace. I pray that you'll receive His rest and restoration. I pray that knowing He is in the everything will help you not just make it through this day, but even have joy in this day.

To my beloved husband and my sweet friends Paige and Mair, I especially lift you three up to our precious Lord today.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28


Bronwen said...

I was weary today, but found your post... thank you for your prayer and the youtube link.
God's Love works in such mysterious ways... Did you know that someone in the UK would need your words of comfort when you typed your post?

Elysa said...

I had no idea that someone in the UK would need these words of comfort...but our Father did, didn't He? Isn't His provision incredible? Always on time. Always what we need.

I am very blessed today that He used me to love on you and I pray that your weariness will be lifted and joy will lift your spirit.

Come visit again some other time! :)

Or as we say here in the Southern part of the USA..."come back now, ya hear?" ;)

Lana said...

I found you post in a round about way today. Its what I needed, as I have been extremely down and tired as of late. Thank you so much for your prayer.

May God bless you.

Elysa said...

Oh Lana, I am so glad. Its a real blessing to me to know that God is using this blog to minister to other's. That's one of my main reasons for blogging. Its wild to me how God uses the internet to link us up with just what we need.

He used blogs, in fact, to get me going to Africa on a missions trip this January. And He almost daily uses someone else's posting to point me to Him and keep me aware of the need to reach out to others and not get too fixated on just me and mine.

Thanks for dropping by and I'll be praying for you.