Friday, November 09, 2007


My life is full to overflowing with people who are so good to me. And to this people-pleasing, people-person, having them show me love in so many visible ways just makes my heart soar. In fact, I was feeling so giddy on Wednesday, I kept freaking my teenage daughter out with my silly songs and goofy dances....though I did catch her smiling a couple of times.

As Betsie and I prepare for our trip to Swaziland, we've been overwhelmed with encouraging words and practical acts of support. Whether its been helping me get my paperwork organized (my darling hubby), answering a bajillion email questions (Dany!), keeping up with the money (The Israels), donating beads and other supplies (Cari, Paula, Lisa, Rhonda, Debi), selling our jewelry (Mom and Kristi), promoting our trip to the church (Bro. Freddie), making financial donations and sending supportive emails (you know who you are), auctioning at EBay (Stephanie), or a sundry of other ways, its all been so appreciated. Your actions are not just loving to me, but they are gifts of love to God and to those precious ones in Africa who we will be ministering to.

I want to say a special BIG thanks to Rhonda. I've said it before, but I just don't feel like I can say it enough. Rhonda has spent hours upon hours creating jewelry for our GRACE WORKS DESIGNS that we're selling to raise the needed funds for the trip.

She has patiently taught me and others how to make the jewelry and with a smile, willingly helps me with the wire creations...even when I don't leave her much wire to work with. I should also say a BIG thanks to her husband Wyatt...not only has he willingly let his wife spend money on the supplies, but he's allowing her to spend copious amounts of time on this endeavor.

So from the bottom of my happy, hyper heart, I send my love and thanks. I couldn't do this without you all...and I think that's just the way God wants it!


Rhonda Jeanne said...

Elys, my globetrotting friend, it is my pleasure. It's great to see God's hand on this trip. Thanks for your sweet words, oh kindness queen!

Elysa said...

Well, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. This whole jewelry extravaganza would never, ever have happened without you letting God use your gifts, resources, and sweet spirit.


Dany said...

Queen Elysa - Thanks for the thanks! Can't wait to see my goodies.
And, just saw your new video - loved it! :) What fun we all had with the first video. Will show Susan on Monday...we'll have a great Monday.
Lovingly - Dany, the Crown Princess

Elysa said...

Dear Crown Princess Dany---

A trivia fact about me, now that you are calling me Queen Elysa and Rhonda is calling me Kindness Queen...I was a real live queen once. Yup! I was the Miss Fire Prevention Queen of 1983...or was it 82? Regardless, it was a glorious reign highlighted by my ride thru the downtown of my hometown in a red convertible while waving to my many admirers whilst throwing candy to the throngs...actually, it was a pretty small parade with all of about 50 folks...but it still did WONDERS for my teenage self-esteem issues.

And you should SEE the photos of me in the short shorts, wearing a crown, and holding a fire hydrant.

Ahhh-h-h-h...the pageant culture of the Deep South. ;)