Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Devoted Dad Needs Votes

No, not in today's political election, but in a contest to help him win a recording deal. A gal I know thru a homeschool board is asking for folks to get out there and support his efforts. Would you please consider doing so? Here's his info from Cate:

"John Sager, a homeschool veteran of 10 years and man of strong faith, is in a singing contest in Bowling Green, Ohio. John, like so many of us, has found his gift late in life. Now he would like the opportunity to share his amazing talent with others. He has gone through so many rough spots in his life and could use a little break! Please Vote for John at http://www.wckystar.com/ by noon EST Tuesday."

WARNING: It IS Country so for those of you who don't relish this genre of music, you've been warned! LOL! ;)

Thanks! :)

Oh! And Cate just sent me his personal website if you'd like even MORE info: http://www.johnsager.com/

If that one doesn't work for you (its been freezing up on me), then go to his brief info at the WCKY website: http://wckystar.com/index.php?page_id=17

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