Friday, November 02, 2007

What do EBAY, FREECYCLE, and WHIPPED CREAM all have in common?

They are all methods thru which God has blessed me mightily this week. :)

As most of you know, my daughter B and I will be going to Swaziland, Africa this January to love on HIV/AIDS orphans and those who care for them. We are so terribly excited and have been busy raising the thousands of dollars needed for the trip.

God's blessing and provision has been pouring out abundantly where this is concerned.

On Wednesday night, as a last minute thing, we borrowed a wooden cut-out-wooden-thingie to use at our church's Fall Festival. My husband, daughter B, our pastor, pal Larry, and others stood behind the board with their faces exposed and for a minimum of a $1 donation, folks could throw pie pans of whipped cream at them. Despite the fact that it was not promoted in advance, folks cleaned out their pockets and we raise $76 in donations! Plus, a lot of "sweet" fun was had.

Thank you to all those who allowed themselves to be "creamed". Thank you to all of those who made donations. And thank you to the folks at Clear Branch Baptist Church for loaning us the wooden cut-out and giving us the idea.

Earlier this week, I put out an email thru a local online freecyle group seeking beads. Rhonda and I were starting to deplete our supplies and beads can be frightfully pricey to buy. Daughter B and I went shopping on Wednesday and specifically prayed that God would help us find some good deals. 30 minutes later we walked into Hudson's and found tons of beads half price. We bought a bagful and rejoiced over our find.

I also received emails from freecycle ladies and another homeschool mom who had heard about our need thru my book-dealer pal Dawn. They were all wanting to donate beads and other materials to help us out.

Yesterday, Rhonda picked up from Freecycle Paula a HUGE amount of beads. Rhonda said she felt like she'd won the golden ticket! We estimated that it was probably a thousand dollars worth of beading materials. We looked thru our Hudson's purchase, picked out our favorites, and we'll now be able to take some back to the store. More provision from God!

One of my favorite librarians, Cara, went by last night and picked up beads from the homeschool mom because she lives in her area. And another Freecycle lady will soon be getting us even MORE beads!

We have an abundance now of beautiful beads all just waiting to be designed into beautiful Grace Works creations. We are so excited!!!!

But wait! There is more!!!! Yesterday evening I received a surprise from my sister-in-law Stephanie (some of you know her as the brains and creativity behind THAT GIRL DESIGNZ). She is auctioning off a gorgeous cross necklace at Ebay. The starting bid is $10 and all proceeds will go toward our ministry to the Swaziland orphans and widows.

If you'd like to make a bid on this very lovely necklace, please go here:


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~Deidra~ said...

Rejoicing with you for your blessings! Your SIL's necklace is beautiful...I'm bidding...wish me luck!