Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm very tired this Thanksgiving night and my mom wants to get up early to go shopping for our African trip, but I just couldn't let such a significant day go by without writing something here at Graceland. My life is too full to overflowing with blessings not to take at least a few minutes to publicly thank God for all He is and all He's done in my life.

We have spent all day surrounded by family eating delicious food. The kids have had fun playing with their cousins. I've enjoyed being with my sweet husband who is feeling more rested and in fact, has been downright hyper! Well, hyper for him. I would say jumping on the trampoline with a crowd of kids to define hyper, wouldn't you? I've also gotten to have great chats with my sister-in-law Stephanie and my cousin Beth.

So I'm thankful for today, but I'm also thankful for so many, many other things. If I tried to write them all, the list would last longer than my energy, but here are a few of the things I'm most appreciative of this Thanksgiving Day 2007:

God and His amazing grace, mercy, and love!
My loving, faithful husband
Our 7 children and the joy they bring to my life
My parents, brother, in-laws, and all the rest of my family
Our church and all the folks who make it such a loving place
The Florence-Richland Homeschool Group
My Troubadour Sisters
The Bracelet Babe gals
My Five in a Row "Family"
Our upcoming trip to Swaziland & Children's HopeChest
The giving people who've provided financially for our trip
My new friends
My old friends
The Richland Public Library Staff
Our cell group at Restoration
God-inspired books that have changed my life this year
Dark chocolate M&M's

I'm about to fall asleep so before my musing gets to meandering, I'm ending it. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with a fresh awareness of the good things in your life. For every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father...the Father who is crazy about you and desires to be in a relationship with you like no other.


KellyJean said...

Not only are you very blessed, but you are an incredible blessing to others! Your enthusiasm and joy are life giving, my friend. Miss you MUCHO!

Stephanie said...

My mom asked me today how my thanksgiving was... I told her it was really great. And she asked why its was better than other Thanksgivings. I told her it was because if Elysa in part. I feel known by you in ways I have not since I married Edward. I feel transparent. I feel known and loved in spite or because of it. And I am blessed to have you as a SIL and as a friend.