Saturday, November 10, 2007


Yesterday I went by Jennifer's house to pick up the first installment check from our church for our trip to Swaziland.

As I was sitting there, Jennifer said, "didn't you tell me that you were expecting someone to send in a check?"

I said, "yes, my mom."

She said, "well I don't think this is from your mom but I think its enough to cover everything you need."

At which point my mind started racing as she handed me a check for $4,000! That's read those numbers correctly....FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS...and we ain't talking Monopoly play money either!

I was in blown away...and yes, I teared up! I know I shouldn't have been surprised, after all, God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and $4000 bucks is small change to him, but in my world, its a HUGE sum of money. I'm talking a few house payments HUGE!

And the really wild thing is that the donor is someone that I'm not even sure I know. I think I know who the person is but can't be positive as I'm terrible with names. They found out about our trip thru an email that was forwarded to a few groups soliciting bead donations for our Grace Works designs.

As I sat there clutching that check, all I could think was that once again God was showing me , as my husband often says, that where He guides, He provides. And that He is the God of miracles and abundance and provision. In THREE weeks, we have received not only the minimum amount needed for the trip, but OVER the amount. We are going to be able to use the extra to bless the socks off of those orphans and their caregivers...if they have socks to bless off.

I am so thankful. I am thankful for a God who loves me enough to use me even when I am so far from perfect. I'm thankful for His Holy Spirit who leads people to give with a generous and loving heart. I'm thankful to the many, many people who have made this trip possible. And I'm very thankful to this donor who has not only made the next couple of months a lot easier on me (I was already wondering how I'd do all of the Christmas "stuff" AND make a bajillion pieces of jewelry to raise funds) but has also boosted my faith.

Our family wants to be obedient and willing to go wherever God leads us. But let's be honest, it takes a lot of money to do missions and to take a family THIS size anywhere is a small fortune. God used this over abundance of provision to show me that if He can provide $5500 in 3 weeks for 2 of us to go, He can provide whatever might be needed in the future for ALL of us to go...whether its short-term of "for always".

If my very generous benefactor is reading this, please know how very, very grateful I am. Whatever you do for the least of these you are doing for Him and your provision WILL be doing for the least of these.

Some folks are still wanting to give financially and others are still interested in buying jewelry...that's terrific! Anything that is raised over the costs of the trip itself will be used to benefit and bless the orphans and the ministry of Children's HopeChest.

God is so mindblowing with His goodness. When times of darkness come, I need to remember what He's shown me in the light.

With a giddy heart,


Shauna said...

That is so awesome, Elysa!

Stephanie said...

How wonderful Elysa! The best news ever

Elysa said...

Thanks, Shauna and Stephanie. You can just imagine how elated I am today! What an awesome God we serve!!!

Rhonda Jeanne said...

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! How amazing is that? I'm completely floored. You are sooooooo totally going to Africa!

Elysa said...

I know! I'm going to Africa! I'm going to Africa! I'm going to Africa! WOO-HOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!

Okay...I know I'm just a geek, but a really HAPPY geek! ;D

ragamuffin diva said...

Amazing. Fantastic. Awesome.

Wow. God loves you something special!

Elysa said...

Thanks for popping in, Mair. I hope this means that you've gotten some well deserved rest.

Shannon said...

Wonderful news, Elysa!
Shannon (FIAR boards)

Shannon said...

Wonderful news, Elysa. So happy and excited for you!
Shannon (FIAR boards)

KellyJean said...

WOW!!! That is AWESOME Elysa! WOW...

I've broken down and started a blog. I'm sure you know that you can just click on my name to get there. I just learned that.

I guess I should answer those questions you sent me... seeing as I spent hours and hours the last couple of days starting a blog! hmmm... priorities...


Elysa said...

Thanks, Shannon and Kelly, for celebrating with me!

And Kelly...don't sweat it about the interview, Sweetie. I know how crazy things are and blogging is sure a lot more fun than some other things I can think of quite cleaning the bathroom, or organizing my room, or dusting the ceiling fans, or .....