Sunday, November 11, 2007


Have I got the blog for you.

God has given me many gifts in this life. Incredible friends is at the top of that "good gift" list.

Several years ago, God lead us to a small, new Calvary Chapel here in our area. And on our first Sunday there, I met a woman who over time, would become one of my sweetest, most helpful, and definitely, hilariously funny friends EVAH!

Kelly has a way of describing even the most basic trying on clothes at Wal-World, using an airplane restroom, or giving birth...and turning it into a laugh fest. Though I DID have to tell her during one of my later pregnancies to NOT tell me anymore of her labor horror stories. She can not only make you laugh, but can scare the popcorn out of a person!

Kelly, who is the mother of three terrific teenagers, wife to a hardworking number-crunching guy, homeschool online guru gal for DRIVE THROUGH HISTORY, and faithful friend among many things, has just spent a large part of this weekend pulling out her hair while starting her first blog.

Please pay Kelly a visit and welcome her to the blogosphere. You won't be sorry for the click and if you're really, really nice, Kelly might even come help you clean your bathrooms before the in laws visit.

LOVE YOU, KELLY!!!!!!!!!

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